New Clients please complete your intake form the best of your ability in order to speed up your first visit. We sure to indicate if you require prenatal massage or postnatal massage.  Please ensure to BOOK your appointment using the ONLINE booking pages above, or email 

You can complete your intake form here: INTAKE FORM

Completed forms are required prior to your first treatment. 


-Who should I book with?  You can find more information about our therapists on the "Team" tab. You can email the therapist directly if you have any additional questions about the treatment they provide. All our therapists are 2,200 hours and can provide receipts with ALL insurance plans. 

-What time should I expect my therapist?  Please allow for traffic, accidents and weather. Your therapist may arrive 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late as traffic is very unpredictable. 

-Do you massage "not pregnant people"? Yes, we take everyone for massage appointments.

-What should I do to prepare for my massage? Please ensure: Walkways are clear (shovel etc). Your therapist will be carrying a large table with sheets, oils etc for your massage. If possible ensure a driveway spot for therapist or a spot close to home for easy access. If possible have your massage on the main level - less stairs= happy therapist. Have your home a comfortable temperature, blinds closed, music on, tv on, whatever will make you comfortable. 

What forms of payment do you accept?  Cash, check or Email Money Transfer. We accept credit cards for a fee of $2 

-Will I get a receipt? After you fill out your intake form and pay for your massage, you will receive your receipt VIA email from SOAPVault for your insurance provider. 

-Should I tip my therapist? Tipping is voluntary and totally up to you. Our therapists are providing a service where they are driving in the weather, traffic etc of Calgary to delver you your massage. We also charge the same rate (or less) then most clinics in Calgary.  :) 

-How do I rebook? You can rebook directly with your therapist after your massage or you can come online to book your next appointment 

-How can we stay in touch? "Like" us on Facebook for regular updates, 

-Can we refer family and friends? Of course! Pass our information on to any family and friends in the Calgary area- We LOVE Referrals! If you enjoyed your massage please tell us about it 

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