Linda Varadi
2200 Hour Registered Massage Therapist

Linda Varadi began her healing practice and training as a massage therapist in 2006. She also studied many other healing modalities relating to the body/mind/spirit such as Certified Medical Intuitive, Certified Transformation Nutrition Coach, EFT, and also Registered Hypnotherapist. She also quickly learned how important therapeutic human touch can be during many emotional traumas that can be stored in the body and that massage therapy is the gateway to healing.

Linda also does many different types of massage such as lymphatic massage, chakra massage, shamanic clearing massage and hypno massage.  She currently teaches in the massage therapy department of ABM College. Linda also has owned her on practice for more than 15 years and continues to share her experience with her students.

Linda currently lives in Cochrane, Alberta, where she works at several locations around the Calgary Area and also does mobile massage.